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6 Failure Causes Weight Loss - Compass

6 Failure Causes Weight Loss - Compass
                        KOMPAScom - Already trying to lose weight but still fail as well? Such conditions often experienced by most of those who are trying to lose weight. Not everyone is a diet program successfully decreased the weight of them. Many things behind such failures, ranging from improper management of information obtained or may not sesuai.Banyak people want to get a slim body with short ways. In fact, to get it all a person needs to first make lifestyle changes permanent, can not be by way of instant. Here are 6 reasons that may explain the cause of the failure of your diet program. 1. Not getting enough tidurJoey Shulman, a writer says health problems, poor quality of sleep determine the level of hormones in the body. Someone who feels tired may tend to eat unhealthy foods. "" People who sleep less tend to have excessive secretion of the hormone cortisol, so they are more easily stressed. And it will trigger fat storage as well, '' he said. Lack of sleep also causes fluctuations in the hormone leptin and ghrelin, which can affect whether you feel full or lapar.2. Running-term dietary patterns pendekDr David Macklin, a family physician and founder Weightcare, a company that focuses handle weight loss programs say, a diet program without any targets to be achieved, such as limiting the eating habits and behavior will make your diet plans fail. According to Macklin, diet, half-hearted tends to make people not to focus on long-term change. "" Most people want to get results fast and find easy ways to lose weight, and concerned to change their habits, "" katanya.3. Eating at night "" One of the problems with eating at night is that people do not get enough to eat during the day, ' "said Dr. Arya Sharma, head of Cardiovascular Obesity Research and Management at the University of Alberta. "" If you are tired and hungry at night, you will tend to eat anything that you think are bad (like junk food) and consume the most calories when your metabolism is slowing due to lack of food during the day, "" tambahnya.4. One snack foods "" For some people, the habit of snacking may be considered good, while others consider it a disaster, '' said Sharma. According to Sharma, the key to healthy snacking is to try to control cravings and not easily eat a snack just because you feel hungry. 5. Too much makanGary Taube, renowned author and contributor to the magazine Science respondents found the food rich in carbohydrates are the main cause of the obesity epidemic. While some medical experts claim that restricting carbohydrate intake can make people unhealthy. Taube said, according to the study, eating everyone basically had to lower the bread, cereals and even fruit-buahan.6. Tired of the routine latihanMenjalani exact same exercise routine every day is difficult and sometimes tedious. In his first book titled 5 Factor Fitness, Harley Pastnernak, a fitness instructor recommend that everyone do a different type of exercise every day of the week, where each type of exercise focuses on a different body part. Variations, said Pasternak, can be done by changing the intensity of the workout or cardio workout be switched from resistance training. It is thought necessary so you do not get bored. "" At least do one thing differently every day, "" says Pasternak.
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