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6 For Your Weight Not Kunjung Down - Compass

6 For Your Weight Not Kunjung Down - Compass
Make a food journal? Has been done. Regular exercise? Also already. Consumption of fiber? Already a lot. But why weight loss can not go down again to reach the ideal weight. Sometimes, too, the numbers on the scale is confusing, because fluctuate within days.
"" Body weight can fluctuate up to two kilograms on certain days, '' said Pamela Wartian Smith, MD, author of Why You Can not Lose Weight. Body weight fluctuates but the point, going back to the original figure and does not go down again. Why? This is likely the cause.
You Do not Drink Enough Water
We've all heard how important the H2O in an effort to lose weight. Water can help suppress appetite.
Additionally, when you're dehydrated, the kidneys can not function properly so that the body will be "" switched "" to the liver for additional support.
Because the liver is working so hard so fat that you consume will be stored rather than burned into energy.
You Less Protein
Some studies indicate that a high protein diet will make weight gain at the beginning of the diet. Protein increases satiety and prevent you from losing muscle mass.
Muscle mass is very important because that's what helps your body burn fat effectively. Loss of muscle mass means the body can not burn fat effectively.
Caloric intake is not appropriate
In order to lose weight, you already know that you should intake of calories less than the energy you spend. If you do not want to gain weight, asuplah appropriate energy you spend.
But how do you know how many calories you need each day so that the number can be customized with your meal? Try kalkultor calories based on fitnessmagazine.com/weight-loss/bmr basal metabolic rate.
you exercise
At the beginning of the exercise program, many people are driven to overeat after exercise session is completed. As a result, sports programs which should help clear the excess fat even backfire.
In addition, work can make your body retain water. "" To ensure that you do not get dehydrated, plasma in your blood stream will store two Samai four pounds of extra fluid, "" said Michele S. Olson, Ph.D., professor of exercise science at Auburn University in Montgomery, Alabama.
"" Your body will always bring extra fluids unless you are not active and this is a good thing. ""
For this reason, you are encouraged to drink water before, during, or after exercise to help minimize additional water retention, plus prevent dehydration if fluid that comes out in the form of sweat, more numerous than the number that can be stored by the body.
your Stress
The stress hormone cortisol triggers appetite by encouraging the production of chemicals in the brain called neuropeptide Y.
Too much cortisol can also slow down the metabolism so the process of burning fat and calories are not effective.
Spending Too Much Time on Rear Desk
It does not need a lengthy explanation. You already know that if you want the numbers on the scale go down, you have to burn more calories than you eat every day. That means, spend hours sitting behind a desk or in front of the TV is not a good idea.
How to motivate yourself to keep you running a healthy diet and an active lifestyle? Remove the pants or skirts more time favorite still slender body. Try to wear on a regular basis to determine whether the achievement of program you have to meet the target or not, if your waist size is back to the most ideal or not.
If not, continue your program because Plateu period (period in which the weight does not come down again even though they had to exercise and diet) will only be temporary.

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